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Renewed and improved program «Ari tun» 2012
Type: Announcements
Start date: 2012-06-10
End Date: 2012-09-01
Country: Armenia
Sphere: Society

Dear compatriots,


The Ministry of Diaspora of RA is launching renewed and improved program «Ari tun» 2012.

The aim of the program is to help the young Armenian to know more about their Homeland, to instill them the consciousness of their national identity, to introduce the traditions and customs of their nation, to introduce them an Armenian family, the mentality of Armenian people, contribute to the strengthening of moral psychological,  educational and cultural ties between Armenia-Diaspora.

The project starts from June 10 of 2012 and will continue till 1-th of September. It will give an opportunity to 13-20 years old Armenian youth from Diaspora to be hosted in Armenian families and participate in summer camp during two weeks.

The selection of the hosted families is organized by the municipalities of Marzes, regional administrations of Yerevan city and  by the Ministry of Diaspora.

Youth people are hosted by the families free of charge.

The visits to Armenia for young people are organized by Diaspora community organizations, educational institutions and Armenian organizations, supported of RA diplomatic corpus .

The participants care their travel expenses of their own or with the help of sponsors.

During «Ari tun program» the Ministry of Diaspora organizes the participants’ arrival and departure, their tours throughout Armenia, visits to museums and participation in cultural events and others.

During the summer camp period for the participants are organized lessons of Armenology, Armenian language, national music and  dance classes and etc. There are also organized meetings with the representatives in the state, public and cultural sphere.

We hope that “Ari Tun” program will greatly promote the preservation of national identity and create the universal communication networks for youth.

The deadline for the submission for the application should be at least a month before the beginning of each period.




                                  For more information please contact to the Ministry of Diaspora of RA

                                       Address RA Ministry of Diaspora

          26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan St., Yerevan, Armenia, 0010

        Tel.: (+37410) 58-56-01 (117), 52-02-46, 52-14-10

Fax: (+37410) 58-91-57

e-mail: or

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20.07.2016  |  Congratulations



Dear compatriots,

I cordially congratulate the Armenian Youth Association of California on its 25th anniversary.

25.04.2017  |  Speeches

Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem

His Beatitude Archbishop

Nourhan Manougian, 

Distinguished Reuven Amitai,

Dear participants,


Yesterday, on April 24th, our compatriots around the world and the progressive representatives of hundreds of countries paid their deep and sincere respects to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide.