Deputy Ministers


Within the spheres assigned, the Deputy Minister

  1. to ensure the Ministry’s policies, implements activities by giving indications and assignments within the limits of his powers,
  2. according to the goals and objectives of the Ministry, prescribes certain assignments to ministerial bodies in the spheres assigned and supervises the implementation of those assignments,
  3. prepares the issues to be discussed with the Minister and organizes initial discussions by the assignment of the Minister,
  4. collaborates with state administrative bodies, as well as other bodies, organizations and institutions within the limits of his powers,
  5. coordinates the development and implementation of corresponding development projects in the spheres assigned,
  6. presents the Minister with information about the state of affairs in the spheres assigned by the Minister,
  7. ensures supervision of the Minister’s orders and indications in the assigned spheres and informs the Minister about the results,
  8. presents suggestions to the Minister and the Chief of Staff about issues relating to their competencies,
  9. completes the Minister’s assignments and implements other functions with support from the Minister



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20.07.2016  |  Congratulations



Dear compatriots,

I cordially congratulate the Armenian Youth Association of California on its 25th anniversary.

15.07.2016  |  Speeches

July 6th marked the grand opening ceremony of the 2016 “Diaspora” Summer School Program of the RA Ministry of Diaspora at the Large Hall of Yerevan State University. The summer school program is jointly carried out with Yerevan State University.