of the RA Ministry of Diaspora in 2015

 1.Applied studies of fundamental and important significance for scientific and scientific-technical activities

Fulfillment of the orders for 12 studies devoted to communities of the Armenian Diaspora and the key issues of the Armenian Diaspora:

-Center for Armenian Diaspora Studies at Haigazian University of Beirut;

-Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE), Amberd Research Center;

-Repat Armenia Foundation;

-Institute of History of the NAS RA;

-Institute of Oriental Studies of the NAS RA;

-Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of the NAS RA;

-Institute of Literature of the NAS RA;

-Institute of Language of the NAS RA;

-Institute of Informatics and Automation Problems of the NAS RA;

-YSU Faculty of Law;

-YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies;

-Noravank Scientific-Educational Foundation

2. Procurement of textbooks and supporting materials and delivery to educational institutions of the Armenian Diaspora

For years, the goal of the program has been to provide daily and one-day Armenian schools, as well as other educational institutions of the Armenian Diaspora with useful and required textbooks, methodological books and supporting materials with the purpose of preserving the Armenian identity and leading the struggle against linguistic and cultural assimilation. The list of books based on the demands from different communities and with the names of the books and materials published in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora, will be sent to Armenian communities and will be delivered to educational institutions on the basis of applications. More than 60,000 books and other instructional materials will be provided to Armenian schools located in more than 30 countries and in need of literature.

3.Ensuring cooperation according to regions and the implementation of pan-Armenian cultural programs

3.1.“We Sing Komitas” Pan-Armenian Festival;

3.2.Maintenance expenses for the staff

4.Preparation for, broadcasting, procurement and multiplication of films, video clips and television programs devoted to the Armenia-Diaspora partnership

-preparing films and programs devoted to the Armenian language and history, Armenian studies, Armenian culture, repatriates and Armenians having achieved success in different parts of the world and broadcasting those films and programs via satellite;

-requesting and disseminating radio and television programs (television series: “Hour of the Diaspora” (Spyurki Zham)-36 programs, “Us” (Meronk)-48 programs, “Worldwide” (Ashkharhaspyur)-20 programs, “Armenian Traces” (Haikakan Hetk)-48 programs);

-ordering, multiplying and disseminating instructive advertisements;

-making of videos presenting the programs of the RA Ministry of Diaspora;

-procuring, multiplying and disseminating films, books and other instructional materials devoted to the Armenia-Diaspora partnership, repatriation, Armenia the homeland, Armenian culture and other topics (preparation of at least 250 DVDs)

5.Development of and service for news and instructional websites

-publishing the Hayern Aysor ( online multilingual daily newspaper of the RA Ministry of Diaspora;

-enhancing the Eastern Armenian-Western Armenian, Western Armenian-Eastern Armenian converter ( and adding new words;

-replenishing the e-library (;

-replenishing the Virtual Museum of the Armenian Diaspora (

6.Compilation of books and popular literature and delivery to Armenian communities

-organizing the delivery of literature provided with the purpose of supporting Armenian education and upbringing and preservation of the Armenian identity in the Armenian Diaspora and the solutions to educational issues facing daily and one-day Armenian schools, based on the requests and applications submitted by community organizations (educational institutions).

7.Publication of the “Armenian Diaspora-2014” Yearbook

-The Yearbook presents comprehensive information about past programs, memorable events and the events carried out with the participation of public administration bodies of the Republic of Armenia within the framework of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership development policy; the events organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora; the programs and events carried out by Armenian communities and pan-Armenian structures and organizations; Armenian mass media outlets; Armenian cultural and educational institutions, as well as charitable foundations and non-governmental organizations.

-The Yearbook is published in Eastern Armenian, Russian, Western Armenian and English

8.2015 “Ari Tun” Program for cognitive visits of Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenia

-In 2015, the “Ari Tun” Program will bring up to 1,100 Diaspora Armenian teens and youth between the ages of 13 and 18 to Armenia and will help familiarize them with the homeland. Like last year, this year’s program will also be held in 8 stages and will include tours, camping, 5-day Armenian language courses, as well as meetings with state officials and national and cultural figures.

-preparing lists of participants for this year, based on applications received through collaboration with diplomatic representations, communities, as well as Armenian religious organizations and educational institutions;

-organizing of activities with local self-government bodies, other institutions of districts of Yerevan and individuals to collect applications from host families

The program will be held from June 14 to August 29.

9.Implementation of cultural programs, including:

 9.1.Cultural events with the title “Our Greats”

-developing and implementing a program of events dedicated to notable Armenians;

-The 2015 Program includes events dedicated to Daniel Varujan, Hamastegh, Andranik Ozanian, Panos Terlmezyan and Missionaries;

-Films and television programs devoted to the great Armenians included in the list;

-DVD books will be released and will be delivered to Armenian communities;

-Events of homage to the greats will be organized and held at cultural and educational institutions in Armenia and abroad.

 9.2.Holding pan-Armenian forums and conferences in the Republic of Armenia

-International Conference “International Legal Issues Related to the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide and Liability for the Crime”;

-Conference on “Principles of Establishing the Pan-Armenian Council”;

-3rd Pan-Armenian Forum of Architects;

-Conference on “The Issues of Islamized Armenians”;

-Conference on “The Approximation of Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian”;

-Conference on “The Issues of the Syrian-Armenian Community”;

-Forum for the Representatives of Armenian Chambers of Commerce and Industry;

-Euro-Caucasian Congress of Cardiology.

9.3.Events dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide

-three-day meeting in Armenia with the participation of up to 50 representatives of Armenian Genocide Centennial Regional Committees;

-public awareness events

9.4.Support to the functioning of Armenian communities

-The RA Ministry of Diaspora will be providing packages of RA state emblems (national flag and coat-of-arms of the Republic of Armenia, a CD featuring the Armenian national anthem, photo of the RA President, Armenian alphabet panel) and will be delivering them to Armenian community, pan-Armenian, cultural and educational institutions and other Armenian organizations (nearly 100 addresses).

9.5.Pan-Armenian Awards

-a minimum of 3 contests in the following categories in order to assess and encourage the notable contributions made by Armenian organizations and individuals to the preservation of the Armenian identity:

-“Defender of the Mother Language”;

-Best Media Outlet;

-Best Armenian Family;

-Best Cultural Ensemble (song, dance).

9.6.Activities with communities of the Armenian Diaspora (plan for business trips)

9.7.Support to culture and education in Armenian communities (Australia, South America)

-Implementation of the Program for Support to the Solutions to Cultural and Educational Issues within the Armenian Communities of Australia, implementation of cultural and educational events within communities;

-participation in the programs of the RA Ministry of Diaspora;

-business trips of 2 Armenian language teachers and 1 dance instructor to the regions

 9.8.Meetings with leaders of communities of the Armenian Diaspora according to regions (in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora)

-There will be two reunion-meetings with the leaders and representatives of Armenian communities of Europe and the CIS. During the meetings, the leaders and representatives will discuss issues related to the self-organization of communities, the fight against linguistic and cultural assimilation, cultural and educational issues, programs devoted to preservation of the Armenian identity and the “Armenian Family” Program, as well as national priorities.

9.9.The Program for Integration of Diaspora Armenians envisages:


-organizing of field trips for Diaspora Armenian schoolchildren and university students (trips to museums, sightseeing, organizing of cultural events);

-organizing of events for the integration of Diaspora Armenians (meetings, discussions, icebreakers);

-providing support to Diaspora Armenian artists (dancers, singers, choirs and theater figures);

-organizing of regular meetings to provide operative solutions to the issues facing Syrian-Armenians residing in Armenia (quarterly meetings);

-support to the advancement of Diaspora Armenian creators in the Republic of Armenia (printing of books, organizing of exhibitions, printing of billboards)

9.10.Program for recording and consolidating the potential of Diaspora Armenians in science, education, economy, culture and other spheres

-gathering complete data and information about nearly 12,000 different Armenian communities, organizations and individuals and entering the data into an electronic database;

-activation of cooperation with pan-Armenian professional networks;

-ensuring participation of Diaspora Armenians in pan-Armenian programs, supporting the creation of a favorable environment for the use of their potential;

-developing and implementing programs for cooperation between professional organizations in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora

9.11.Implementation of the Program for Support to the Solutions to Cultural and Educational Issues of Armenian Communities in CIS countries

-teacher training at Armenian schools in the CIS and/or the Republic of Armenia

-procurement of textbooks and supporting materials devoted to Armenia and Armenians in an environment of Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking Armenians and delivery of those textbooks and supporting materials to Armenian communities;

-support to the events organized by cultural groups of Armenian communities;

-organizing of student Olympiads and essay contests devoted to Armenia and Armenians in Armenian communities;

-organizing of concerts and performances of Armenia’s cultural ensembles, creative groups and individual performers in Armenian communities;

-business trips of persons in charge of implementing programs to Armenian communities of the corresponding region

9.12.Implementation of programs for Diaspora Armenian organizations and notable individuals

in Armenia

-Through cooperation that has been expanding year after year as a result of the programs and activities of the RA Ministry of Diaspora, more and more cultural groups and ensembles, individual performers and notable Armenians have been expressing the desire to perform in Armenia and particularly in Yerevan through different programs, as well as organize events, concerts and other programs with the RA Ministry of Diaspora and other partnering organizations. The implementation of the program derives from this need.

9.13.Organizing of the “Diaspora” Summer School Program

-The goal of the program is to stimulate preservation of the Armenian identity through the training of Diaspora Armenian experts. The program will bring together 250 Diaspora Armenians. The following courses will be part of the 2015 “Diaspora” Summer School Program:

-Accelerated Armenian Language Courses (Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian) (9 July-1 August);

-Training for Teachers of Armenian Schools of the Diaspora (14 July-1 August);

-Courses for Armenian Choirmasters and Dance Instructors (21 July-1 August);

-Summer School for Journalists (21 July-1 August);

-Summer School for Young Leaders (21 July-1 August);

-Courses for Leaders and Activists of Communities (26 July-1 August).

The program will be held in July-August.


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20.07.2016  |  Congratulations



Dear compatriots,

I cordially congratulate the Armenian Youth Association of California on its 25th anniversary.

25.04.2017  |  Speeches

Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem

His Beatitude Archbishop

Nourhan Manougian, 

Distinguished Reuven Amitai,

Dear participants,


Yesterday, on April 24th, our compatriots around the world and the progressive representatives of hundreds of countries paid their deep and sincere respects to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide.