for the RA Ministry of Diaspora in 2013


1.Organizing the integration of Syrian-Armenians

Implementing integration programs for Diaspora Armenians (Iraqi-Armenians, Syrian-Armenians) in Armenia

*Developing drafts of legal acts facilitating the integration of Diaspora Armenians who have moved to Armenia and submitting those drafts to the Government of the RA;

*Developing and implementing programs contributing to the cultural and educational integration of Diaspora Armenians, supporting the activities of the school teaching Syrian-Armenian children through the Syrian state curriculum;

*Encouraging the initiatives for Syrian-Armenians who have moved to Armenia, supporting non-governmental organizations established by Diaspora Armenians in Armenia.

2.Developing and implementing the 2013 “Ari Tun” Program for cognitive visits of Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenia

Supporting the strengthening of bonds between youth in Armenia and the Diaspora, helping form awareness of the national system of values and the national identity;

*Developing the draft decision of the Government of the RA “On confirming the 2013 “Ari Tun” Program” (including goals and key objectives of the program, the legal grounds for developing the program, the expected outcome, the principles of implementation, actions for implementation and provision of funding)

*Implementing the program, ensuring the participation of at least 900 Diaspora Armenian youth ranging between the ages of 13 and 20;

*Organizing the visits of participants selected by applications to Armenia;

*Implementing program events.


3.Organizing of “Diaspora Summer School” Program

Training experts to promote the organization of the Diaspora through the “Diaspora Summer School” Program

*Training teachers of Armenian schools abroad,

*Summer School for Journalists;

*Summer School for Young Leaders;

*Accelerated Armenian Language Courses (Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian);

*Training courses for Armenian song and dance teachers.


4.Preparation, broadcasting, procurement and multiplication of videos and television programs devoted to the Armenia-Diaspora partnership

Advocating preservation of the Armenian identity and Armenian upbringing, helping eliminate the danger of assimilation in Diaspora Armenian communities, creating television programs, providing coverage of activities of the Ministry, creating a pan-Armenian information system, providing awareness about events taking place in Armenian communities abroad, ensuring the spread of information


5.Granting student subsidies and scholarships to train specialists with Master’s degrees in Diaspora studies

Supporting the preparation of Diaspora studies experts

*Requesting instruction for Master’s degrees in Diaspora Studies


6.Organizing research on Diaspora studies

Studying Armenian communities of the Diaspora, identifying the problems

*Preparing studies on and making requests for studies on the Armenian communities of the Diaspora and their problems;

*Preparing the technical descriptions required for the implementation of research on different topics


7.Implementation of cultural events

Popularizing the pro-national activities of notable Diaspora Armenians; consolidating the potential of Diaspora Armenian professionals and engaging them in Armenia’s development; identifying the key issues of national concern and developing mechanisms for the solution to those issues; preserving the Armenian identity abroad; encouraging investments made for Armenia’s development; supporting the solution to problems with preservation of the Armenian identity abroad, supporting the self-organization of Armenian communities of the Diaspora, consolidation of Armenians around the issue of the Armenian national identity, preservation of the Armenian identity and implementation of educational programs; raising the level of cognition of Armenian communities; identifying the problems facing Armenian communities; engaging Diaspora Armenians in life in Armenia and improving the work of national organizations in collaboration with international organizations with help from Diaspora Armenians; consolidating the potential of Diaspora Armenians around the solution to issues of national significance; support to the unification and consolidation of Armenian communities and the creation of self-government structures within the communities

*developing and implementing the “Our Greats” Program devoted to notable Armenians;

[Arshak Chopanyan (141st anniversary), Gevorg J. Chorekchyan (145th anniversary), William Saroyan (105th anniversary), Nigol Aghbalian (140th anniversary), as well as the Armenian national chess team]

*events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide;

*support to the development of communities (procurement of RA emblems);

*activities within Diaspora Armenian communities (plan for business trips);

*support to Armenian communities in culture and education (regional);

*support to Armenian communities in the Near Diaspora;

*regional meetings with leaders of Diaspora Armenian communities (in Armenia or the Diaspora),

*creation of a unified system of data and mechanisms for recording the existing potential of Diaspora Armenians in science, education, economy, culture and other spheres;

*development of education and culture within the Armenian communities of the CIS;

*implementation of programs of Diaspora Armenian organizations and notable individuals in Armenia


8.Holding pan-Armenian forums and conferences in the Republic of Armenia

Organizing professional forums and conferences:

*Conference of Writers of Armenian Origin Composing in Other Languages

*Forum for Armenian Lobbyists

*2nd Pan-Armenian Forum of Bankers and Financiers

*Pan-Armenian Forum for Youth Organizations

*Pan-Armenian Forum of Lawyers


9.Holding the Pan-Armenian Awards

Holding at least 3 contests for appreciating and encouraging the notable contributions of individuals and organizations to the preservation of the Armenian identity

* “Defender of the Native Language”,

* Youth/Student Organization,

*Best Children’s Creation in the categories “Homeland, This Is How I See You” and “My Sweet and Precious Mother”


10.Cooperating with cultural groups in Armenian communities of the Diaspora and ensuring the implementation of pan-Armenian cultural programs

Strengthening cultural ties between creators in Armenia and the Diaspora, developing and implementing joint programs

*regional cooperation and implementation of pan-Armenian cultural programs;

*public awareness;

*event calendar;

*gathering of documents related to the event, publication of materials;

*reports on the events, preparation of references


11.Services for working on informative and instructive websites and providing service

Popularizing Armenian spiritual/cultural values; ensuring access; presenting the history, cultural heritage and achievements of the Armenian nation; radicalizing the values of the Armenian national identity; strengthening the bonds between Armenia and the Diaspora and within the Diaspora; making Armenians more aware of the Republic of Armenia as the symbol of Armenian statehood and the Homeland of all Armenians; strengthening the Armenia-Diaspora relations; organizing professional discussions; creating a bond between the languages; supporting translations

*publication of the “Hayern Aysor” (Armenians Today) multilingual electronic daily newspaper of the RA Ministry of Diaspora;

*enhancement of the Armenian language translation program, replenishment of the converter with new concepts;

*replenishment of the e-library, supervision


12.Delivering popular and educational literature to Diaspora Armenian communities

Contributing to Armenian education and upbringing, helping Armenians be aware of Armenian statehood and be in touch

*delivering popular and educational literature, materials and accessories timely and in determined amounts as a result of a study on demand


13.Publication of the “Armenian Diaspora-2012” Yearbook 

Providing awareness about and coverage of the activities of Armenian communities abroad

*developing the draft of the decision of the Government of the RA “On Publication of the Yearbook” (goals and key objectives of the program, expected results, principles of implementation and provision of funding);

*gathering and verifying information about individuals and organizations in the Armenian Diaspora, memorable events, successes and achievements; preparing materials for the “Armenian Diaspora-2012” Yearbook; editing materials for publication; preparing a technical description including the requirements for publication of the “Armenian Diaspora-2012” Yearbook and in the fixed time limit


14.Implementation of the organizational functions of the RA Ministry of Diaspora

Organizing the sessions of the advisory board under the RA Minister of Diaspora; implementation the managerial, legal and organizational functions of the staff; maintenance of accounts of the staff; recording of entries and exits and the provision of deliveries; developing the drafts of legal acts

*drafting the questions to be discussed during the particular session of the advisory board,

*organizing the sessions,

*filling the vacant positions of the staff,

*organizing contests, trainings and certification in accordance with RA legislation,

*submission of financial reports in the fixed time limit to the relevant authorized bodies,

*ensuring in the prescribed manner the process of circulation of documents at the Ministry,

*developing the drafts of legal acts


15.Ensuring the implementation of programs for the Homeland-Diaspora partnership

Providing for the activities of the “Homeland-Diaspora Center” SNCO.


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20.07.2016  |  Congratulations



Dear compatriots,

I cordially congratulate the Armenian Youth Association of California on its 25th anniversary.

25.04.2017  |  Speeches

Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem

His Beatitude Archbishop

Nourhan Manougian, 

Distinguished Reuven Amitai,

Dear participants,


Yesterday, on April 24th, our compatriots around the world and the progressive representatives of hundreds of countries paid their deep and sincere respects to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide.