Plan of activities of the RA Ministry of Diaspora in 2012

 1.“Ari Tun” program for cognitive visits of Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenia


The “Ari Tun” program is carried out in two-week stages during which Diaspora Armenian youth stay with host families, are provided with the opportunity to recognize the traditions of the Armenian family, communicate with fellow Armenian youth, get acquainted with their peers' interests, establish ties, tour and get acquainted with the historical sites worth seeing in Armenia, the beautiful nature, have multifaceted meetings with state, public and cultural figures, learn about the homeland in the Homeland, learn national songs and dances, as well as spend some time at the "Ari Tun" Summer Camp with their peers.


The program is carried out in 8 stages:


  • 1st stage: June 10-23
  • 2nd stage: June 17-30
  • 3rd stage: July 1-14
  • 4th stage: July 8-21
  • 5th stage: July 22-August 4
  • 6th stage: July 29-August 11
  • 7th stage: August 12-25
  • 8th stage: August 19-September 1


 2. "My Armenia” Festival


The goal of the festival is to contribute to the enlargement of opportunities for relations and cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora and within the Diaspora, to the preservation and development of Armenian culture and cultural identity in the Diaspora; to support the deepening of cultural ties between young Armenian creators in Armenia and the Diaspora, as well as to develop and implement joint projects.


The following events will be held within the framework of the festival:


  • “Days of Armenian Literature”: April 18-23
  • “Days of Armenian Dance”: June 29-July 10
  • “Choir Art Days”: July 27-August 7
  • “Days of Individual Performers”: June-October
  • “Pan-Armenian Duduk Contest-Festival”: September 14-20
  • “6th Pan-Armenian Forum of Media and Journalists": October 4-7

3.Organizing and holding events of homage entitled "Our Greats" dedicated to notable Armenian individuals of the Diaspora


The goal of the "Our Greats” program is to help spark interest among the generation of young Armenians in patriotism and lead to the formation of national identity through the recognition and homage of patriotic individuals and national figures.


The “Our Greats” program envisages homage to notable Diaspora Armenian individuals and organizations in Armenia and the Diaspora, the organizing of television programs, the printing of books, as well as the preparation of booklets, leaflets, recordings and video clips.

The following individuals are included in the 2012 “Our Greats” program:


  • Sayat-Nova (300th anniversary)
  • Hovhannes Baghramian (115th anniversary)
  • Hovsep Orbeli (125th anniversary)
  • Garegin Hovsepyan (145th anniversary)
  • Garzou (Garnik Zulumyan) (105th anniversary)


4.Pan-Armenian Awards “For notable contribution to the preservation of the Armenian identity"



5.Gathering and delivery of instructional and popular literature to the communities


Within the framework of the program, the Ministry receives, coordinates and compiles applications for delivering instructional and popular literature to the Diaspora, and ensures the delivery of the necessary instructional literature according to the addresses. The Ministry receives applications from Armenian schools in the Diaspora through the established order, as well as from community leaders and the RA Embassies.


6.“Diaspora” Summer School


The goal of the program is to turn Armenia into a center for studies on Armenian language and culture and teacher training. The school will be located at Yerevan State University and will include 2-3 week courses. The school will have 5 departments, including


  • School for Young Leaders
  • School for Diaspora Armenian Journalists
  • Advanced Course on Armenian Language
  • Training Course for Diaspora Armenian Teachers
  • Training Course for Cultural Figures, Teachers of Song and Dance and Group Directors

 7.Support to the Development of Communities


Within the framework of the program, the Ministry delivers Armenia’s emblems to the communities (coat-of-arms, flag, Armenian alphabet, as well as DVDs, films and paintings presenting Armenia and more).


8.Territorial cooperation and pan-Armenian cultural programs


Cultural groups of Armenia will visit regions, and cultural groups from the Diaspora will give concert tours in Armenia.


9.Participation in the process of training experts on the Diaspora of the YSU Department of Diaspora Studies


To prepare and train cadres in the sphere of Diaspora studies, the Ministry of Diaspora established the Master’s program for Diaspora Studies in the Department of Diaspora Studies at Yerevan State University.


The Ministry develops the topics for research that interest students, organizes lectures, manages the students’ internships and helps 12 students pay their tuitions.


 10.Applied research of fundamental and important significance


The Ministry develops eight to ten topics for research on the history of the Diaspora and sends requests to the Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Yerevan State University and the “Noravank” Scientific-Educational Foundation. The published works are sent to Armenian communities of the Diaspora.


11.Preparation or ordering of informative materials (films, video clips, articles, TV and radio programs, advertisements); supervision of the publication and website service for the “Hayern Aysor” online newspaper and the provision of corresponding materials; study and summary of articles printed in Diaspora Armenian media


12.Development of programs for support to the solution of key educational and cultural issues in the Armenian communities of the CIS and the coordination of implementation


In 2011, the Government of the Republic of Armenia confirmed the program for support to the solution of key educational and cultural issues facing Armenian communities in the CIS.


The communities lack support in organizing education and need to be involved in cultural communication and pan-Armenian programs. The measures based on the program envisage the fight against assimilation and steps toward preserving the Armenian identity.


The program envisages:


  • On-site teacher training at Armenian schools in the CIS countries
  • Procurement of curricula, textbooks and methodological materials for the instruction of Armenian subjects in a Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking environment and their provision to the communities
  • Support to the improvement of the network of one-day schools in Armenian communities
  • Organizing of the “Hye Aspet” (Armenian Knight) TV game show with the participation of schoolchildren from Armenian schools in the region
  • Organizing of student Olympiads and essay contests related to studies on patriotism in the communities
  • Organizing of instructional, productive and pre-graduation internships for Armenian students of universities of CIS countries in Armenia
  • Support to the establishment of Armenology centers at educational institutions in the region and the introduction of an Armenology course in the curricula of scientific and educational institutions
  • Organizing of concerts and performances of cultural and creative groups and individual performers from Armenia in the communities
  • Organizing of meetings with the participation of representatives of Armenian youth organizations in the region
  • Organizing of an annual festival called “Yes Im Anush Hayastani” with the participation of theatre companies and art groups from the region
  • Creation of correspondent points for the “Hayern Aysor” multilingual online newspaper of the RA Ministry of Diaspora hinged on Armenian media in the region
  • Business trips of correspondents for program implementation to Armenian communities


13.Implementation of Iraqi-Armenians’ integration program


Events, professional orientation programs and Armenian language courses for the integration of Iraqi-Armenians living in the Republic of Armenia are implemented within the framework of the program.


14.Program for Support to the Solution to Educational and Cultural Issues facing Armenian Communities in South (Latin) America


Cultural groups visit communities in the region, and the Ministry prepares and delivers books, films and DVDs.


15.“Armenian Diaspora 2012”: printing of Yearbook


The “Armenian Diaspora” Yearbook briefly presents the memorable events that have taken place in the Diaspora, as well as the memorable programs and events organized by pan-Armenian organizations in Armenia and the Diaspora, religious organizations, educational and cultural institutions of the Armenian communities, as well as state bodies of the Republic of Armenia and the RA Ministry of Diaspora.


16.Organizing of a conference for leaders of Armenology centers in the Diaspora


The program envisages a meeting of representatives of Armenology centers across the globe. During the meeting, among other issues, the results of the contest for “Best Armenology Center” will be summed up.


17.“Virtual Museum of the Armenian Diaspora


The program envisages a virtual presentation of the Armenian Diaspora.


18.Western Armenian-Eastern Armenian and vice versa translator program


The program provides the opportunity for fast and high-quality translations of translate difficult professional texts and envisages the expansion of the translator program’s database.




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Dear compatriots,

I cordially congratulate the Armenian Youth Association of California on its 25th anniversary.

25.04.2017  |  Speeches

Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem

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Dear participants,


Yesterday, on April 24th, our compatriots around the world and the progressive representatives of hundreds of countries paid their deep and sincere respects to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide.