Programs in 2010


1. Development and implementation of the “Ari Tun” program (periodic visits of Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenia) in 2010


By the protocol decision N9 dated 11 March 2010, the RA Government gave consent to the “Ari Tun” program (periodic visits of Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenia) for 2010 and the list of events. Compared to 307 visits of Diaspora Armenian youth in 2009, in the first six months of 2010, 560 Diaspora Armenian youth visited Armenia and nearly doubled the number of participants. The number of countries was 26 in 2010 compared to 14 in 2009. A number of countries have expressed the desire to host the youth of host families in Armenia and a group of youth was hosted in Holland in December. In 2010, in addition to Yerevan, 150 Diaspora Armenian youth were also hosted in Ararat, Armavir, Kotayk and Aragatsotni provinces. In 2011, there will be 800 youth participants and the program will be implemented through host families and a camp.


2. Development and implementation of the “One Nation, One Culture” Pan-Armenian Cultural Festival


Nearly 1,500 individual performers, choirs, dance groups and artists from different countries around the world participated in the 2010 “One Nation, One Culture” Pan-Armenian Cultural Festival. The program included 34 events, including a number of pan-Armenian professional forums, days of performing arts in Yerevan and the provinces, a pan-Armenian fine arts exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, tours of the Armenian Theater of Moscow and the Homenetmen Armenian Youth Federation’s “Vahram Papazyan” Theater, master classes conducted by dance instructors, lyrical concerts by choirs, presentations of Armenian and Diaspora Armenian theaters and many other events.


3. Organizing professional forums and scientific conferences


Throughout the year, the RA Ministry of Diaspora has organized 11 pan-Armenian forums and events, including the scientific conferences on “Preservation of Qualities of Armenian Identity in Mixed Marriages” and “Cultural Genocide”; the scientific conference on “Principles of Creating Unified Textbooks in Western Armenian” and the forum on the “State of Instruction of Western Armenian in the Diaspora”; international round table discussions on “Armenia-Diaspora Relations” and “Concept on Repatriation and the RA Law “On Repatriation””’ with the participation of international experts; the 1st Pan-Armenian Youth Chess Olympiad; the Pan-Armenian Forum on “Art and Business, Art and the Internet”; the 1st Pan-Armenian Reunion of Diaspora Armenian Graduates; the 5thst Century: Information Security and Armenian Journalism”) and the 1st Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists (“Challenges of the 21 Pan-Armenian Forum of Financiers and Bankers.


4. Coordination and organizing of the contest for “Best Armenian School” of the annual pan-Armenian award ceremony “For notable contribution to preservation of the Armenian identity” organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora and the World Armenian Congress in 2010


The “Best Armenian School” and “Best Armenian Press” contests of the award ceremony “For notable contribution to preservation of the Armenian identity” were held with the participation of 31 one-day and 31 daily schools and 56 presses. The results of the contest were summed up in October 2010.

5. Organizing and conducting the “Our Greats” program of events to pay homage to notable Diaspora Armenians


This year the program was dedicated to national figures Misak Manushyan, Vardges Surenyants, Boghos Nubar, the Brothers Lazaryan, Mkhitar Sebastatsi and Levon Shant with over 20 events organized in Armenia and the Diaspora. Forums, poetry days, essay contests, concerts and open lessons were organized in Armenian universities, schools in Yerevan and the RA provinces, the NKR and schools in Diaspora Armenian communities. The book “M. Sebastatsi: new light and pioneer” was republished after its first publication in Venice in 1977 and a series of television programs dedicated to the above mentioned greats was broadcast on “Ararat” Television.


6. Implementation of the Year of the Mother Language


By the decree of the RA Minister of Diaspora, the year 2010 was declared as the year of numerous events and ceremonies in Armenia and Diaspora Armenian communities, as well as the year of knowledge and the Mother Language. The ministry organized solemn celebrations, a march, a visit to the tomb of Mesrop Mashtots, days of scholastics in September, evenings dedicated to Armenian literature, printing, great writers and poets; events dedicated to notable Armenian studies experts; ceremonies dedicated to Armenian language; meetings with Armenian literary figures and journalists, as well as contests, exhibitions and open lessons for children’s creations, students’ essays and paintings.


7. Organizing to provide public educational institutions and community organizations of the Diaspora with educational, children’s, fictional and scientific literature and RA emblems


The ministry worked on coordinating the development and implementation of programs supporting the solutions to key educational and cultural issues facing Diaspora Armenian communities, including the training of Diaspora Armenian teachers by the RA Ministry of Education and Science, as well as the implementation of the program to provide Diaspora Armenian schools with textbooks and supporting materials and the implementation of the 4th Pan-Armenian Educational Forum. The ministry also implemented the programs for publication of the “Diaspora” Yearbook and the program “Inventory and Delivery of Instructional Literature”. The ministry published the “Diaspora 2009” Yearbook with 3,000 copies and provided them to Armenian organizations and community structures in 50 countries around the world.

There has been a notable increase of literature provided to the Diaspora. In 2010, Diaspora Armenian schools and cultural institutions were provided with nearly 52,000 pieces of literature and supporting materials and 63 applications were transferred to the RA Ministry of Education and Science through the RA Ministry of Diaspora. The ministry has also organized the inventory and delivery of 10,500 pieces of scientific, fictional and children’s literature and has delivered the RA emblems to Diaspora Armenian structures.


8. Implementation of efforts aimed at expanding the network of one-day schools, the “Sister Schools” program


Over 10 one-day schools were established in the Armenian communities of Europe, the Russian Federation and the CIS and the “Sister Schools” program helped establish collaboration between 20 schools in Armenia and the Diaspora.


9. Organizing efforts aimed at broadening educational opportunities for Diaspora Armenians studying at RA universities and intermediate vocational institutions


The ministry has developed a concept on activities with Diaspora Armenian students and has established a council of Diaspora Armenian students from RA universities and intermediate vocational institutions.


10. “Establishment of an Alley of Armenian Benefactors” program


The ministry has developed the program to establish an alley of monuments symbolizing the collective image of Armenian benefactors. A contest has been declared by the order prescribed by the law and the winning organization is currently involved in implementing the program.


11. Organizing the “Armenia-Diaspora” theme-based video-conferences and teleconferences


The ministry organized video-conferences, including Yerevan-Beirut (“Radio Sevan”), Yerevan-Los Angeles (Davtyan-Mayramyan Educational Institution), Yerevan-Moscow (Armenian youth organizations of Moscow and Kiev), the Armenian community of Yekaterinburg and the Center for Armenian Studies at the University of Ural.


12. Promotion of uniting the nation and repatriation


During a December 9 session, the RA Government gave consent to the Concept on Organizing the Process of Repatriation. The ministry developed the RA draft law “On Repatriation” and presented it to the RA Government.


The ministry also worked on establishing councils to coordinate Armenian organizations in regions, developing corresponding programs and developed the program-schedule for the pan-Armenian forum for heads of Diaspora Armenian communities and organizations in 2011.






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Dear compatriots,

I cordially congratulate the Armenian Youth Association of California on its 25th anniversary.

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Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem

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Distinguished Reuven Amitai,

Dear participants,


Yesterday, on April 24th, our compatriots around the world and the progressive representatives of hundreds of countries paid their deep and sincere respects to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide.