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Boston’s Sayat Nova Dance Company awarded with Gold Medal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora

On July 28, the RA Ministry of Diaspora hosted the Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston, which is participating in the 3rd “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival.


Greeting the members of the dance company, RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora Serzh Srapionyan attached importance to the activities that the Sayat Nova Dance Company has been carrying out over the past 30 years and added that those activities not only help introduce Armenian culture to young Diaspora Armenians, but also provide foreigners with the opportunity to recognize the Armenian people, as well as their culture and history spanning millennia through Armenian dance and music. “Establishing an Armenian dance company abroad is a great achievement, presenting Armenian dances to the world. Carrying out such a task requires titanic efforts and serves as evidence of the goal-oriented and persistent efforts and great dedication,” Serzh Srapionyan stated and expressed gratitude to the dance company for participating in the “My Armenia” Pan-Armenian Festival, which provides Armenian dance companies of the Diaspora to perform in Armenia.


In execution of the order of RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, Deputy Minister of Diaspora Serzh Srapionyan awarded Boston’s Sayat Nova Dance Company with the Gold Medal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora for providing notable services for the partnership between Armenia and the Diaspora, for the achievements that it has made in providing young Armenians with an Armenian education and upbringing, for helping increase Armenia’s reputation and making it more recognized, as well as for making great contributions to the preservation of the Armenian identity.


Artistic director of the dance company Abo Ashjian expressed gratitude for the cordial reception and appreciation and stated that it was a great honor for the dance company to perform in the homeland. “Most of the members of the dance company are visiting Armenia for the first time ever. During this visit, they not only had the chance to perform in front of the Armenian audience, but also recognize their homeland. The dance company performed in Vanadzor, at the Hakob Paronyan State Musical Comedy Theater, the Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet and in front of soldiers of the Armenian Army. All this conveyed great energy to the members, who rehearse about four times a week and examine Armenian arts and culture on their free time,” Apo Ashjian stated and granted a small gift to the Ministry of Diaspora on behalf of the dance company.


On July 27, the dance company gave a charity concert dedicated to its 30th anniversary at Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.

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