“Let’s sit at a table with at least 3 sons”

“Armenians without cigarettes”

“Armenia is the Homeland of all Armenians, Let’s strengthen the Homeland”

“Armenians are those who sense that they are Armenian”

“Armenians must not only serve the Homeland, but also gain profits”

“Become the inheritor, owner and defender of Armenian culture everywhere”

“Return a “palm” of your talent to the Homeland”

“Let’s speak Armenian at home”

“Spend your vacation in the Homeland once every 7 years”

“Draw your family tree”

“Marriage with the blessing of my Homeland”

“The Armenian name and the “yan” is your identity in the world”


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08.10.2014  |  Congratulations

Dear compatriots,

I cordially congratulate you on the 90th anniversary of the “Krtasirats” Armenian Cultural Union and School of Aleppo.

08.10.2014  |  Speeches

On October 8, Armenian benefactors had a meeting with students pursuing their studies at Armenian universities with their support. The meeting was held under the initiative of the Armenian Educational Institution at Ani Hall of Ani Plaza Hotel. Among the participants were RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, benefactors, President of the board of the Armenian Educational Institution Al Gabalof and his wife Diana, President of the board Hermine Pakhanyan (2013), Savi Tufenkian, Hakob and Sargis Shirvanyan, Helli and Rafik Khachaturian, Alice Petrossian, George Isayants, Sheila Papayants, Susan Vardanyan and others.

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