2011-06-09 | Congratulations
To Advisor to the RA Minister of Diaspora Jemma Ananyan

Dear Jemma Ananyan,

With love, deep respect and warmth, I congratulate you on your glorious 80th anniversary, which symbolizes the life of an Armenian who is dedicated to her native land and the people, is an impartial educator, public-political figure and director, a heartfelt friend, caring mother, as well as a distinguished and wise individual.

I must express my joy of having had the opportunity to work with you.

There are not many women figures in the history of Armenia’s three republics and there are fewer women figures that have become sensitive, but daring, patriotic and goal-oriented with their type, image and capabilities.

As such, you are not only renowned in Armenia, but abroad as well.

Armenians know very well the honest, intelligent and nationalist woman who has dedicated her entire life to the nation, the country and sets an example for the youth.

In all your spheres of activity and offices that you have held, whether it has been a headmaster, Armenian language and literature teacher, 1st, 2nd and 3rd secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia, chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies in Ijevan, member of the RA Supreme Council and later the National Assembly, current advisor to the RA Minister of Diaspora, you have worked with dedication, responsibility and continue to live by adding to your job with awareness and willingness.

Dear Mrs. Ananyan,

The Armenian nation is rich with Armenians like you. It is rich because you set an example for many people with your mindset, thoughtfulness, prudence and pro-Armenian actions.

Once again, I congratulate you and wish you a long, healthy life and happiness.

With love and respect,






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17.04.2015  |  Congratulations




Dear Mrs. Nahapetyan,

We were pleased to learn that you have been reelected member of the Glendale Unified School District Board of Education. Being a member for more than 8 years, you have not spared any effort to provide our young generation with a high-quality Armenian education.

17.04.2015  |  Speeches

Dear friends,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Ministry of Diaspora. I am pleased with the fact that the ARS Central Committee and the Ministry of Diaspora decided to hold such a conference, and I believe it is symbolic in that today, as we approach the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Armenian women have come together to discuss the role of Armenian women during and after the Armenian Genocide. We all know that Armenian women are the basis of the Armenian family. They are the pillar on which “Armenianness is built”.